What are foreigners mostly impressed by in Ukrainians

Among the most common features which are described by foreigners to describe Ukrainians is hospitality and generosity. Unlike the rest of the nations in the world Ukrainians can’t pretend. They are extremely happy to live in free prosperous independent country and they share all this with foreigners. People from all over the world feel this attitude and they come here to feel something real and unique. Something like patriotism in a good meaning, love to the country, pride to be genuine Ukrainians.This country has lots to offer and try.And I seriously mean it. From most outstanding museums, masterclasses to delicious yummy food. Have you ever tried coffee painting or delicacy lard under chocolate? And I m sure you have no idea about mind-blowing Ukrainian cheese and wine! It is a country of a very ancient history and really hardworking people, smart intelligent nation who are ready to die for their Motherland. It is a great pride for Ukrainians to be free from the burdens of USSR and they are happy to develop this country. These people get nothing from the state. No social system, no programs work. But when you come here you fell so complete facing happy people, peaceful atmosphere, safe streets even at night and love is everywhere. They know how to enjoy life because they appreciate each moment. They don’t blame their government. They simply rely on themselves. Here you will see clean streets, little amount of people who smoke or drink alcohol because they are more concentrated on achieving their goal to be a part of a healthy society. People here are religious and they remember their roots. Being here is like visiting another world.

Something between sad and sorrow past and prosperous happy future. Ukrainians are different in their life style but they are united in their goal to nurture intelligent patriotic generation to make the world hear about achievements of Ukrainians. Scientists, doctors, engineers, sportsmen IT specialists from Ukraine are demanded in any country because of their smart brain, patience and goal orientation. That is why lot’s of international big enterprises enter Ukrainian market of labor to hire local people due to their smart brain and patience. Cheap labor, less taxes and really good business atmosphere attracts many foreign investors to this country. Ukrainians are very peaceful. They hate to talk about war because it is a dirty political game. For them Ukraine is a country of possibilities and now they do their best to fight for their rights instead of illegal migration somewhere abroad to chase mystical prestige being nothing except a salve in a golden cage. They are proud to speak their language which #2 in the world according to its melody but still they do their best o speak basic English to be useful to the visitor of the country They even use body language to show you the way to the nearest metro stop or whatever. They are happy to ask you « How are you?», « What is your name?», «Where are you from?». They will be extremely happy if you reply them in Ukrainian like «dyakuyu» which means «thanks» or « privit» the analogue of English «hi». And their national cloth is something incredible. Their symbols is a big life philosophy and protections. It is a pleasure to the eye and still some unique heritage of ancestors. And of course we should mention beautiful breathtaking nature.

So many beautiful views even in Kyiv. Amazing country with breathtaking scenery is something which you will never forget. Also we should mention coffee loving spirit of Ukrainians. Coffee trucks are everywhere here which offer you some unique taste of a well known recipe of coffee. They are so ambitious to develop coffee culture here that they even substituted Starbucks here on the local market. Ukrainians really love drinking coffee .We can even call them connoisseurs of coffee . Maybe it is because of Lviv which is called coffee capital of Ukraine.

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