Vishivanka is a total history and culture of Ukrainians. In it’s embroidery everything was well-thought and meaningful combined byit’s sacral mission. Evenit’s color and especially symbols and fabrics. That is why it was easy to identify the status of it’s owner and his financial position. Actually, Vishivanka is a colloquial name of Ukrainian embroidered shirt. They were embroidered for various events. They could be casual and festive. But a very special one was a wedding shirt. It was worn only once within whole life and later on it was hidden in a commode and to protect the family. Nobody knows who and when have created Vishivanka. It has being developing within centuries. And here are some well-known factsabout Vishivanka:

  • they embroidered a special shirt for a new lyborn child on the fabrics which was processed by candles from God parents during baptizing. They considered to protect a child from evil and, bad luck. Also in some regions they put a red cross on the hidden part of the shirt;
  • during sowing campaign Ukrainians used specially embroidered shirts. When they wore them they even organized special performances asking land to present them good crop. They were signing, making round dancing. (this tradition dates back to old Slavic culture);
  • and here is another ritual: young bride to present to her groom and his parents one embroidered shirt. Before she started to embroider a shirt for her mother – in- law it had to be soaked in a salted water to avoid tears in new family and bad luck;
  • ancestors of Ukrainians strongly believed that a tight shirt is a wire guide of magic which protects it’s owner from all bad thing, super stitions and signs. .


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