Summer tour in Odesa


Day 1

08:00 – Early departure from Kyiv. During our way we will make 2-3 stops for coffee.
14:00 – Arrival to Odesa. Checking into the hotel. 30 min break to unpack things.
14:30-17:30 – Sightseeing in Odesa. Together with your enthusiastic and professional guide you will see most famous and interesting sights ofthe city like Elegant French Boulevard, local Champagne Factory, Odesa Film Studio, Musical Comedy Theatre, Arcadia – picturesque corner of Odesa resort, Deribasovskaya- main pedestrian street – the street of never ending festivals, jokes and fun, Primorskiy Boulevard, Opera House, City Hall, Potemkin Stairs, Vorontsov Palace. One Wall House and Mother in law Bridge will never leave you indifferent. Don’t miss your chance to make a wish on the Bridge of brides. Duration of sightseeing is 3 hours.
17:30-18:00 – Coming back to the hotel. Free time.

Day 2

08:00-09:00 – Breakfast.
09:00 – Departure to Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi – one of the most ancient towns in the world like Athens, Rome, Jerusalem. The name of the town means white city or white fortress. Here you will meet 2500 years old history. It is in the 10 most ancient towns in the city which is specially famous due to the old fortress. The fortress itself is one of the most interesting samples of Medieval fortifications. This is the hugest fortification of Ukraine on the high rocky coast surrounded by deep ditch. 34 towers were built in it’s walls part of which were used as housing. Some of the towers have the names which relate to ancient tales and legends like dark cell, treasury, commandant’s office, towers of Ovid and Pushkin. Here you will meet 2500 years old history. During our way we make 1 stop for coffee.
10:00-11:00 – Tour inside the fortress, time to make photos, look around.
11:00-12:00 – Lunch in the local café Monblanc.
12:00-12:30 – Aarrival to Shabo. Here you will be charmed by every thing: fresh steppeair, mildsea climate and real elixirof health – unique taste of Shabo wine.
12:30-15:00 – Tour around Shabo. During the tour you will visit antique Royal cellar – which was constructed more than 200 years ago by French and Swedish emigrees; antique sherry cellar with unique wine in oak casks; giant underground warehouse; unique Champagne House to produce highly qualified Champagne of classic style; unusual museum and labyrinth with it’s old myths about wine; cinema where you will learn about the fascinating history of Shabo settlement; Dionysus fountain-where you can see the process of making wine. Later on you will visit crystal hall for degustation of wine and cognac with cheese and nuts.
15:00 – Departure to Odesa. On our way we make 1 stop for coffee.
17:00 – Arrival to the hotel in Odesa. Free time.

Day 3

07:00 – Early check out.
07:00-11:00 – Travelto Vylkove – Ukrainian Venice.
11:00-11:30 – Check in into the guest house Serene Harbor. Time to unpack things.
11:30-12:30 – Walking tour around Vylkove which is called Ukrainian Venice. This is the center of ecological tourism in the biosphere reserve. The location of Ukrainian Venice is at the sea side right on the border with Romania. Uniqueness of the town is that it’s old part is located on water. Vylkove is authentic and picturesque area – the town of fisherman and winery. As the town is located on water all land here is alluvial soil. Most part of the town consists of islands where they get only by boats. Reserved planting, Old Belief rituals make this area special for millions of tourists.
12:30 – Departure to «0 км». Righ there fast river Danuberuns into the Black Sea. Danube is the second big river of Europe. It starts from Schwarzwald massif where two runnels Breg and Brigah meet each other. According to the legend they are compared to two nymphs who could never make peace. Each of them wanted to do everything in their own way. Kind Lord of the Mountain helped them by making wish of each come true. There is a belief that if a student goes through the sign of 0 km than a high point during the exam is guaranteed. If an employee goes through this sign then one more 0 adds to the amount of the salary. If a couple goes through the sign it will bring them a child.
13:30-13:30 – Free time at «0 км».
13:30-15:30 – Departure to «Belhorodskiy island». Water-based tour to get aquatinted with tradition sand every day life of locals. Visiting of reserved seashore.
15:30-17:30 – Arrival to the island. Fish broth of three types, cookies on the fire, degustation of local wine, ptyto tea with local honey, rest, swimming, fishing.
17:30 – Departure to Vylkove.
19:00 – Arrival to the guest house. Free time.

Day 4

10:00 – Check out.
10:30 – Departure to Kyiv.
13:30 – Arrival to Kyiv.

Please pay attention! There may be some changes in the program.

The cost of individual package tour is US 995 $. This price includes transportation services from Kyiv to Odesa and all time in Odesa, accommodation services, excursions and tours in English according to the program. Accommodation is in 3* hotel. Buffet breakfast is included.

The cost of the group tour package up to 6 people is US 2100 $. This price includes transportation services from Kyiv to Odesa and all time in Odesa, accommodation services, excursions and tours in English according to the program. Please note ! Accommodation is in 3* hotel. Singe room. Buffet breakfast is included. Accommodation in the guest house.

Order the guide by phone: +38-099-249-5911

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