Does everybody know that first capital of Ukraine was Kharkiv and only since 1934 all political power of communism moved to Kyiv and this tremendous city turned into capital of Soviet Ukraine.

Many people have different opinions about this time but most of young generation is happy to live in independent Ukraine as we have more power to develop Ukraine and Kyiv. So far, older generation still prefer to come back to that utopia of Soviet Era where everybody was on equal. Believe it or not but some foreigners really like this impressive leftovers from Soviet architecture and they usually comment this with the following quotation: «What would you show if not Stalin?». Personally I strongly believe that if not Stalin then Kyiv would have been much more impressive than it is now but this article is not about politics. Now I will try to drive attention of all travelers who want to see something «wow» to incredible Soviet tour in Kyiv. This is really something you should definitely book while planning your trip to Kyiv.

So, here are TOP 10 most unusual spots to see.

#1. Motherland Statue.

Soviet tour in Kyiv

Symbol of Kyiv which is well seen from each corner of Kyiv. This is one of the first thing each traveler can observe on the way from Boryspil airport to Kyiv. This gorgeous statue will always stay in your memory as something unforgettable and not typical. Huge, powerful, scary and catchy. People come here for adrenaline to climb it’s top ( 91m ). It is one of the ways to enjoy breathtaking view of Kyiv and fight with your scare. This stainless construction had to show power of communism and rest of the world believe in power of USSR. 102 m up and450 t of weight which initially was suposed to be made of gold. Now it has lot’s of funny names like Iron Lady, Man with boobs Bib Mama etc. Whatever you call it but it is a place where every body comes to enjoy it’s atmospheric idea, to learn about sequences of horrible tragedy during WW2 and to see 2 interesting open air exhibitions with military machines.

#2. Hotel Salut.

Soviet tour in Kyiv

Well, 80th were really special for Kyiv. Olympics, ambitions to make only the most spectacular, to give illusion of the best to soviet people. That time it was not possible to make something ordinary or just let it be. Each architect and engineer had to prove his proficiency. So, hotel Salut is a great sample of such tendency. Even now it still impresses people by it’s unusual shape and idea. Because of this it’s architectural style was named soviet futurism. Indeed if you look at it from aside it reminds a space ship which came from future to nowadays. Who knows maybe it is a real alien or a spy from USSR. But that time governing regime even wanted to make it rotate around it’s axis. Isn’t it crazy?

#3. Metro Station.

Soviet tour in Kyiv

Have you ever heard about 5 year achievement plan in USSR? Another good strategy or another cunny way to use citizens and make them feel like robots by showing great profits of their investment to enrich their union. Who knows but that time nobody had a choice. Anyway, due to all this we have even more things to be proud of . One of them is metro in Kyiv. For instance Arsenalna metro in Kyiv is the deepest metro in the world. Can you imagine? In the whole world!!! 108 m deep. As they say it happened by order of Stalin to give shelter to deputies in case of emergency. Hmm, ok. But it is not only about this metro station. Well, there is one more station in Kyiv to be proud of. This is Golden Gate metro. By the way, this one is enlisted in TOP 15 most beautiful in the world. Mosaic , interior like in the royal palace. But did you now that during it’s construction Ukrainian activists inlayed there a word combination «glory to Ukraine» which was a threaten to their lives due to regime.

#4. Parliamentary buildings.

Soviet tour in Kyiv

Sometimes ambitions can lead you to a great result. Like all this parliamentary buildings in Kyiv. Well, you already understood that Stalin wanted to show local people ruling power of communism. That is all buildings of government are so pompous, gorgeous and with some idea. Have you ever paid attention to unusual shape of Cabinet of Ministers? Semi rounded corners protected deputies from snipers. Did you have a look at gorgeous beauty of Ministry of foreign affairs? Hehe, to some reason it is called monster now. But, of course, you will make your own judgment t once you come here and have look.

#5. Arch of Friendship.

Soviet tour in Kyiv

What is real friendship for you?Each has it’s own understanding of this word. But definitely it goes about mutual support and common interest. That time Russia could not go along without Ukraine. Of course, because Ukraine is world famous breadbasket of Europe, fruitful soil, hardworking people. That is why there had to be something visual to mesmerize locals with this friendship. So, in 80-th they made this arch of friendship which is nowadays called burden. By the way, come to this statue and try to guess who represents Ukraine and Russia. Well, one of them looks more impudent. Guess which countr it represents? By th way, now there is something els to see there. But I would better intrigue you. Come and see. Or ask me.

#6. Paton Bridge.

Soviet tour in Kyiv

I guess you know that Kyiv is unique city. It is has upper and lower part, left bank and right bank. Due to this fact there are 100 bridges but there are 7 most famous. I would like to tell you about Paton Bridge. Definitely , it is recommended to drive through this bridge not only to enjoy magnificent view of Kyiv scenery but also to take photos of this piece masterpiece. It is the oldest bridge of Kyiv so much specular and the most unique in Ukraine. To the right side it is decorated with the cuts of Doric warrant and to the left- with two 20 m up columns.
It’s pedestrian part has has turned into favorite place among kyivans for romantic dates.

#7. Khreshyatik Street.

Soviet tour in Kyiv

Each capital has main street where tourists come to chill out. But in Kyiv it is more unique. First of all it is the shortest mains treeet in the world. Secodnly, it is called street of one side, Kyiv Broadway,AmericanLong Mile. Walking with a guide you will find out the reason for all these names. But now I would like to put an emphesis on it’s gorgeous architecture. Absolutely mindblowing, incredible. Both from inside and outside. Staline Emperor Style. Total mixure of fear,luxury, power and arrogance. Whatever. Just come, take a walk, enjoy and feel. By the way each Sunday it turns into pedestrian mile.

#8. Katyusha restaurant.

Soviet tour in Kyiv

Soviet Era was kind of something artificially made but so real. Limited group of people had ccess to everythng and majority even did not know taste of coffee, babanas or caviar. Deficit was typical to describe eating habits and livinf standards of Soviet people. Thatis why soviet women had to be very smart to make their houses look cozy and they had to be very skillful in cooking something delicios from nothing. That is why soviet tste of food is something jummy and simple. Now Iwould like to tell you about one resaurant in Kyiv which worth visiting if you want to feel real taste of USSR. Here you have an ida as if yo uhave traveed by time machine and you are back in USSR. Like in movie. Can you imagine that they still cook pelmeni there with their hands nd yo ucan wtch this process? And they still have those funny carperts on the walls, old tape recorders and unforgettble tste of home made food. Mmm. So unique and so interesing to see.

#9. Tremendous exhibition area VHDKh.

Soviet tour in Kyiv

Well, now it is called ghost of the epoch gone but personally I recommend everybody to vcome hee to enjoy all this fancy staff, quietness of mystery and competition, beauty of nature and fresh air. I already mentioned that Ukraine played a pivotal role in agricultural achievements in USSR and only in this field. Science, economy, engineering, medicine, trade, filming etc. So, they needed a place to show all this to soviet people to make them inspired and achieve more. Oh, they even had greenhouse of wishes. Isn’t it good to fulfill the right concept of enrichment? Actually, it was amazing idea as they have managed to create their own fabulous world with exotic planting, gardening, richly decorated pavilions which look like Greek and Rome temples. By the way each pavilion was used for it’s specific purpose. Wow, so much spectacular. Now it is a very attractive area for festivals like wine and cheese festival, street food, photo and film shooting, romantic walk and cycling. Moreover, if you want to find some discrete location then this is the right one.

#10. Poor Lenin.

Soviet tour in Kyiv

I m sure you are curious to know why I call Lenin poor. Actually ,I feel pity for the partially broken monument of Lenin. That monument was greatly beloved by locals as it fit it the area it was staying. Moreover locals even nicknamed it as a monument of national significance. It was made from a very expensive material- Karelian granite. Let’s say it turned into local pride as this material was used to decorate Kremlin in Moscow. So was that , since 1946 till 2013. Br during revolution of dignity statue of Lenin was removed and they left only it’s pedestal. This year another ugly looking construction appeared there which provoke lot’s of discussion among city dwellers. Now there is a joke as if Lenin is showing his arm from the soil to remind about his presence. Anyway, this place now turned into one more touristic spot to learn more bout Soviet background of Kyiv. As for me it will be a good place to take a funny selfie.

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