Recommendations to visit Kyiv

Annually Kyiv attracts millions of tourists and afterwards turns into their favorite destination. It is has special charm and something unique to everybody. Moreover it is cheap but so amazing. It has everything to spend wonderful time. Beautiful architecture, welcoming people, safe, green, comfortable and interesting. However to enjoy it more we would love to share with you our recommendations for those who plan to come here for the first time.

#1. Getting to the city from the airport.
First of all there are 2 airports in the city. Zhulyany and Boryspil. Zhulyany airport is in the city. It is small but still popular and nice. It is only 9 km away from the centre of Kyiv or 20 min away by taxi. If you arrive to this airport please get a taxi to get to your location. Taxi in Kyiv is extremely cheap. Normal price is from USD 6$ till USD 8$. The best way to get a taxi is to use Uber or ask somebody in the information centre to call a taxi for you. If you use services of those taxi drivers wo run on you you’re your arrival they will charge you twice more. Boryspil airportis not in Kyiv but still pretty close to it. It is 34 km from the centre or within 35 min you will get to the centre by taxi. Also you in this airport you can use Sky Bus which will take you to the city but it’s final stop is Southern Railway. So from there you need to take a taxi or use public transport to get to your location. So Sky Bus is cheap ( only USD 2$ per person) but still not very convenient for a traveler with a heavy luggage.

#2. Money exchange.
You can even exchange money upon arrival in the airport. Banks, ATMs, exchange offices are here. Or Also exchange offices, banks and ATMs are in each corner in the city. Normally the exchange rate is stable and the same everywhere. Banks are open from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m Moday- Friday. Also it is possible to pay for any service with your credit card. So there is no need to bring lot’s of cash with you. And of course the best way to pay for something is local currency- Hrivna. The most popular currency here is USD or EUR and Ukrainian National Currency – Hrivna.

#3. Free Wi Fi and phone calls, local SIM card.
Don’ t be puzzled about making expensive phone calls to your home from Ukraine. Free Wi Fi is everywhere here. In each restaurant, café and hotels. Even In the airport. Also download Whatsapp or Viber to make free phone calls and video calls using free Wi Fi. Still if you want to buy local SIM card than you can buy it In the airport or somewhere in the city. Even outside on the street. The most popular mobile operators here is Vodafone, KyivStar and LifeCell. Each of the offers 3G internet and free calls inside the net. Te cost of SIM card is only USD 3$. And later on you need to pun on your SIM card the same amount to keep it active.

#4. Accommodation.
Kyiv has lot’s of hotels, apartments for rent and hostels. Here you will find well famous brands and some local. Just ask for advice before you book it. Location is priority #1 in choosing an accommodation. Kyiv is very convenient for walking that is why there is no need to book an expensive hotel just for holidays. Here people really care about welcoming atmosphere that is why whatever you choose you will like it. And of course, take into consideration your preferences. Some hotels offer you buffet breakfast for free some do not. Some hotels have large rooms some have small. Hostels is a good way to save money during your trip. Apartments will give you more privacy. And also booking apartment you can stay there with your friends. And of course you can cook, you can wash your cloth if you stay in the apartment which is also a good way to save some pocket money for ore pleasant things in the city. But in 4 and 5 star hotels you can use pool and gym which is good if sport is your habit.

#5. Public transport.
Kyiv has a well developed system of public transport. Here you can use trams, trolley- bus, bus , metro. They start running from 05:45 in the morning and stop running at 00:15. The ticket is very cheap. It is only UAH 4 for the bus and UAH 5 for the metro. To get into the bus you can buy a ticket inside upon entrance. But you ned cash. No credit card. Also you need to buy a token to use metro. Again you need to pay in cash. More convenient if you buy a monthly card for the public transport and within a month you can use it. Using a ticket in the bus you need to punch it otherwise it is not valid and you will get a fine of UAH 60. Taxi runs 24 hours. It is safe to take a taxi outside but do it only in case of emergency. Otherwise you will pay twice. It is better to call a taxi service like UBER or other ones.

#6. Safety.
Kyiv is a very charming, quite and safe city. Even at midnight it is safe. It is well enlightened and there is no crime on the streets. If you are lost ask local people to help you or use google map to find the way to your home. In fact night Kyiv is very interesting and you can enjoy it’s beauty if you are romantic enough or your are kind of adventurous personality.

#7. Where to go.
Kyiv is incredibly beautiful city. Definitely walk along the main Square and look for the main sights. Take lot’s of photos . Of course visit Lavra Monastery, St. Sophia, take a walk along Andrew Descent, Poshtova Square, Mariinskiy park with it’s beautiful palace and one of the best view points in Kyiv. Don’t forget to visit Motherland which is in the pot 10 list among he tallest constructions In the world. And of course it is a must to visit Mezhyhyria- a piece of abandoned paradise and ex- residential place of former president of Ukraine- V. Yanukovich.

#8. Guides and our agencies.
Kyiv has lot’s of well-qualified guides who speak different languages and local tour agencies can prepare for you a very interesting program to make your stay in Kyiv unforgettable. Normally the cost of the guided tour is USD 15$ per hour walking and USD 20$ per hour by car. It is really better to take a guide to enjoy ancient history of Kyiv and it’s beautiful architecture than to walk by yourself. Moreover you will learn a lot of new and interesting information and have fun.

#9. Food and drinks.
Kyiv is the right place for gourmands and those who love drinking something exquisite. In this city they even have Kyiv Siesta where you will enjoy taste of Ukrainian wine and unlimited choice of yummy snacks. Also there are amazing restaurants with the roof terraces and some secret spots with a password.

#10. Language barrier.
In Kyiv people speak Ukrainian, Russian and English. In the centre there are lot’s of signs in English. They announce stops in metro in Ukrainian and English.

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