This caste is a real historical, cultural and architectural pearl. This construction is the only one in the world which does not have manmade base. It is made on granite cliff surrounded with two waterfalls, lake, antique sculptures and once-in-a-lifetime planting. Local air has healing effect due to pine forest around it’s territory. The basic construction of this middle aged fortress is paper-mill where tourists can make their own piece of paper like it was 4 centuries go. Also tourists have an opportunity to visit Museum of Ukrainian Icon – the only home collection in the world of 17-20-th centuries. Here they can see icons made on glass, steel and carved from wood.

Duration of the tour is 4 hours. Individual tour is US 125$. Group tour up to 6 people is US 250$. This price includes transportation services, services of English speaking guide, entrance fee, tour around the territory and excursion inside the castle.

Radomyshl castle

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