1. I had fantastic time in the last two years that I travelled to Ukraine. I got a tour guide by Olga Karpenko and saw most of the monuments, famous cathedrals and the beautiful parks. In the night i had a tour to see the famous restaurants, bars, karaoke and the vibrating disco clubs.

  2. Olga is very professional at her work,.she took me to the CARPATHIANS by train .Arrangements to get my beautiful smile at a great dentist. Set me up with dancing lessons .Restaurants, Museum’s, and seen almost everything to see in KIEV. Olga is A+ awesome.
    Olga where will we go in August?
    Thank you so much Olga!!!

  3. She was one of the best guides and made us feel like long time friends. Highly recommend!

  4. … Today I had an amazing day working with Olga. Within 6 year experience of being a guide he is my first tourist from Iceland. Thank you dear Olga for spending this amazing day with me. You made my day unique and happy)

  5. Dear Olga. Thanks for all your wonderful stories about the places and the history of Ukraine. It was very nice to meet you. I will miss my fun memories.

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