Breathtaking Ukraine

The word «Ukraine» derives from the Slavic words “u”, meaning “within”, and “kraj”, meaning “land” or “border”. Together, “u+kraij” means “within the borders” or more aptly in English, “the heartland”. Nowadays it is the largest state in Europe with spectacular nature, much of which has been virtually untouched since ancient times. This country consists of fields, meadows, hills dotted with green forests, mountains and valleys full of beautiful flowers which create the unique landscape. This is a magnificent land of natural beauty, still untouched by the modern world. The climate in Ukraine is quite pleasant. Spring comes early. Summer is sunny and green. Autumn is ablaze with colors. Winter is mild and white.

The Carpathian mountains are very picturesque. Dozens of tourist routes pass through them. Hoverla (2061 m) is the highest peak of the Ukrainian Carpathians and a visit there is particularly interesting. Anyone who loves hiking dreams of a trip in the Carpathians to admire its dense forests and to listen to the soft sounds of its waterfalls. The fauna of Ukrainian forests is extremely diverse.

Also Ukraine is extremely rich in natural resources and has enormous scientific potential. But, perhaps, the greatest treasure of Ukraine is its people who are benevolent, light-hearted, hospitable, and generous. It was quickly recognized by the international community and more then 100 countries have established diplomatic relations with Ukraine.

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