Best presents from Ukraine

Ukraine is a rich country of ancient history ad skillful people which offers lot’s of unique things to take with a lovely present to home. You can buy them in souvenir shops or big stores. It can be embroidered cloth, towels, chocolate, coffee, infused delicious liqueurs, amber, honey and many others. So here are some more detailed explanation about them.

Ukraine is the third biggest producer and exporter of natural honey in the world. Ukrainian honey is highly appreciated by customers around the world. It is easily recognizable because of exquisite taste and low price. ( only USD 3$- USD 8$ per liter). This country is extremely good for producing honey because of fruitful soil, good climate and breathtaking landscape. Here in Ukraine they use honey to make tasty infused liqueurs, healing ointments and they even practice sleeping inside the bee houses. Kind of extreme which definitely worth trying.

#2.Embroidered cloth and towels.
Ukraine is well- recognized by it’s impressive national costumes- Vishivanka. Men and women love wearing it. Even children feel special in them. This cloth is magical full of different symbols which makes human beings feel secure, healthy and wealthy. Each symbol on it is a deep philosophy which comes from one generation to another one with it’s own wisdom and treasure of traditions. It’s colors are festive and fashionable. Pay attention to the fabrics it is made of and choose the one you feel comfortable most of all. The price of it varies from USD 50$ to USD 600$.

Nowadays it is beautiful necklace for woman and decoration of hats for men in Ukraine. It is very arty jewelry which is handmade and very bright. It gives festive mood to it’s owners by gorgeous look and fashion. Moreover it is very good adornment to any style in cloth which guarantee your unique look at any occasion. It is really cool to combine ethnic gerdans with casual cloth. It’s normal price is around USD 10$.

It is a talisman of Ukrainians which is abundantly decorated with different ritualistic elements to bring prosperity, health, wealth, love and good harvest. Any ideas what it is? Well, this is simply a brightly painted Easter egg. It’s name originates from Ukrainian word «pisaty» which means «to write». It is a complex technique based on the pagan roots of Ukrainians and their strong Orthodox belief. They decorate eggs with folk designs using wax. When in Ukraine you need to take masterclass in doing that with your own hands to feel it’s energetically powerful effect and have your own masterpiece made in Ukraine. It can be made of egg’s shell or from the wood. Normally it is USD 10$.

#5.Petrykyvka Painting.
Looking for something unusual but still useful in household?Than pay attention to the brightly panted wooden plates, spoons, vases and jewelry boxes. Bright colors on the black surface is kind of a game of coloring. Moreover those detailed painting represent unique technique in the world which is known as Petrikivka. It is made only in 1 village in Ukraine. People do painting using theirfingers. It does not have any analogues in the world and since 2013 it included into UNESCO representative list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Don’t miss the chance to have that in your homes. Come to Ukraine and get it.

#6.Chocolate and Sweets.
Ukraine is well-known by it’s excellent chocolate an sweets. One of them is Roshen- symbol of Kyiv. By the way, Roshen Corporation was 18th among world’s largest confectionery companies in the «Candy Industry Top 100». You will definitely enjoy taste of chocolate sweets «Evening Kyiv» and Kyiv cake. Also in Kyiv you need to buy handmade chocolate from Lviv. Kyiv has lot’s of shops where you can buy them and make your visit to Kyiv very sweet and pleasurable.

#7.Ukrainian wineand cheese.
Ukraine is developing is craft in making high quality wine. Kyiv, Odessa and Carpathians are true places where you will get pleasure from diversity of wine and cheese. Each of the place will offer you different wine but still so delicious. Red, White and Rose with lot’s of names but different recipes and technology. The same is about variety of cheese. Flavor of cheese produced here in Ukraine is of a very delicate taste and can compete with French, Italian and other cheese.

#8.Caviar and Eco products.
Being in Kyiv you are recommended to visit Bessarabka market. The oldest one In the city but still the most visited by tourists. Coming here you will face big variety of food and drinks. You will be politely advertised black and red caviar. Use your chance to try it’s taste it for free, talk to local people and buy a good quality caviar for a decent price. Also here you can buy some other Eco products which is produced in some ecological regions of Ukraine. You can try here sausage made of wild deer, beer and even lard under chocolate.

#9.Ukrainian brand cloth.
Ukrainian designers have united their forces in promotion of Ukrainian fashion. They have made well- known brand «VsiSvoi» which is full of good quality products at affordable price. One of this big store you can find in Khrescgyatyk street. Choose Ukrainian to feel unique and stylish!

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