This tour is made to present you unforgettable moments in Kyiv

Place #1 – Beer degustation

The most delicious beer in the city, life music, own brewery and 24/7 service.
Right in the center with amazing view of Kyiv.

Bar Crawl

Each participant will get beer set of 4 samples ( platinum, silver, gold, dark) + cheese balls .

Place #2 – Ukrainian Liqueurs

Traditional Ukrainian liqueurs with egg plant rolls. Unique interior, tasty flavor and local fun. ( plus Bye- Bye drink at the exit) .

Bar Crawl

Each participant will get set of 6 Ukrainian shots with different flavor in combination of local delicacy. Downtown of Kyiv, historical interior, unforgettable memories.

Place #3 – Wine tasting

Secret spot underground, iron door with 72 arms, impressive design and authentic Ukrainian cuisine. Unforgettable taste of Ukrainian wine and local snacks. Local brand Made in Ukraine.

Bar Crawl

Each participant will get a glass of Ukrainian wine and a piece of tasty toast cover with pike caviar. Seductive aftertaste of Ukrainian cuisine.

Place #4 – Crazy cocktails

Speak Easy bar in the style of insane asylum full of surprising cocktails and adrenaline.
Even chandelier looks here like human brains, staff dressed up like doctors will make you burning helmet cocktail or injury cocktail. Just try it and you will remember it for ever!

Bar Crawl

Duration of bar crawl is 4 hours. The most unusual places with the most delicious drinks and snacks.

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