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Our travel program

Industrial tourism

Industrial tourism, USD 45$

It is a great chance to learn more about industrial potential of Ukraine, to get new business partners and sit new citie

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Medical tourism

Medical tourism, USD 40$

We will be happy to take you to the best private clinics. Ukraine now is popular for medical tourism. It is cheap here t

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Soviet Tour

Soviet tour, USD 50$

Unique chance to travel back to USSR. During this tour you will see the most impressive architecture of those times, you

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Horse back riding

Horse back riding, USD 60$

Incredible feeling of freedom, respect and mutual understanding will make you feel special during horse back riding. You

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Photo Tour

Photo Tour, USD 45$

Our guide and photographer will show you magnificent sights for incredible memories about the city. Interesting way to e

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Kyiv siesta

Kyiv siesta (from 15:00 to 18:00), USD 90$

Enjoy each moment at Kyiv siesta. You will get a bottle of wine, unlimited number oysters, snails, foisgras, forshmak un

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Walking tour, USD 55$

During this tour you will indulge in the ancient history of Kyiv with the most famous sights, like Independent Square, K

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Tour by car, USD 80$

If you prefer a comfortable car to a long walking while touring than our guide and a driver are always ready to share wi

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Mezhyhirya, USD 130$

A piece of abandoned paradise, museum of corruption, dull copy of Versailles.This place has lots of names among tourists

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Motherland Statue, Museum of WW2 – USD 60$

Motherland Statue, Museum of WW2 This incredible construction is in top 10 tallest monuments in the world. Even world fa

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Lavra Monastery, USD 70$

Lavra Monastery Century- Old church complex of UNESCO heritage impresses by it’s holy spirit, peace of mind and soul,

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Pirohiv folk museum, USD 80$

This open air museum is a wonderful opportunity to visit the most interesting parts of Ukraine within several hours. Her

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Radomyshl castle, USD 125$

This caste is a real historical, cultural and architectural pearl. This construction is the only one in the world which

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Night Kyiv, USD 60$

Kyiv is unforgettable at night. Taking a tour at night you will enjoy the beauty of it’s lights and some hidden sights

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Food Tour, USD 95$

Our guide will be happy to take you to a local market to buy all necessary ingredients to cook borshch. This is a great

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Jewish Kyiv, USD 65$

Jewish community contributed a lot into the development of Kyiv. Lots of architectural masterpieces of the 19-th century

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Chernobyl Tour, USD 165$

Abandoned city, lost hopes and hidden secrets of regime. A tragedy which has made the world to shake. A secluded area wh

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Kyivan Rus Park, USD 140$

This special project reflects all the secrets and greatness of mediaeval Kyiv between 5- 13-th centuries. This park pres

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Non-touristic Kyiv, USD 30$

Kyiv is city of contrast. Wherever you go you will meet lots of hidden places full of legends, stories . Some are well-k

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Cossack village Mamayeva Sloboda, USD 85$

It is a contemporary park in the style of national tradition which represents Cossack settlement of the 18-th century. T

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Pub crawl and Night Clubs, USD 50$

If you want to have a tour to the best night clubs and pubs to try local beer and snacks, tasty cocktails, dance than yo

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Football Kiev, USD 55$

Kyiv has a world famous football team and two stadiums. It has a tremendous life story about ex coach of Dynamo –

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Kyiv Montmartre, USD 55$

We offer you to enjoy walking along this incredible street – Andrew Descent which reveals lots of fascinating facts fr

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Bohemia Street, USD 50$

Kyiv Gaudi, a street and a corridor, American long mile, Kyiv Broadway, Stalin Empire style …Sounds promising for a fa

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River voyage

River cruise, USD 65$

Holly river where Slavic people were baptized. Wonderful view, sun and breeze. What can be better to enjoy a lovely day

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Coffee Break

Coffeebreak (USD 30$)

Smell of different coffee with some unique flavor is possible at our tour. You will visit 3 different cafes with their o

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