Kyiv is amazing any time of the year. Winter in Kyiv is something magical, fascinating and charming. People from all over the world choose Kyiv to celebrate Christmas and New Year. Ukrainian Christmas and Old New Year is also a great celebration. That is why Ukraine is a perfect destination to spend fabulous vacations and have unforgettable memories. If you don’t know where to go in Ukraine than start from Kyiv. It is not only capital of Ukraine but it is city of opportunities, fun and pleasure in combination with active business life. Kyiv is a city of young people who come here to gain new skills and become professionals. They are full of ambitions and desire to earn money and become successful that is why Kyiv is constantly growing and developing. Day by day new cafes, restaurants , attractions appear here. It is impossible to feel bored here. Just leave your apartment and go to explore it’s beauty. So here are some recommendations where to go during winter vacation in Kyiv:

#1. Walk along Khreshyatikstreet- the main street of Kyiv and the shortest main street in the world. This street will amaze you with it’s architecture, specific atmosphere of festive spirit. Especially at night when it will be enlightened with magical lights, seductive taste of mulled wine and cheering music of Ukrainian folk songs and Christmas Carols.

#2. If you are frosty and cold than immediately go to KanapkaBar to enjoy Kyiv Siesta. This is a great spot to discover something special and chill out. From Monday till Fridaybetween 4 and 6 p.m. they make a special offer for 2 people. You pay only for 1 bottle of wine and get unlimited variety of snacks for free. This is great chance to discover tot ally new Ukrainian cuisine, wine and creativity of Ukrainians to represent their national cuisine in absolutely different way.

#3. If you are a big eater that you should visit local market Bessarabka- the first and the oldest market of Kyiv which is catches eye by it’s antique look from outside and it’s modern style from inside with it’s rich variety of food and drinks. Best quality caviar, sausage made of deer and bear will never leave you indifferent. If you are a vegan than this I the right place to have some food. Try to find vegan restaurant inside this market and enjoy company of other vegans to discuss healthy life style and tendency of Ukrainians to make their eating habits more healthy and useful.

Winter activity in Kyiv

#4.If you like art than you must visit Pinchuk Art Centre to learn about contemporary art. This is a very popular place among local youth and connoisseurs of art which will stir your mind and make you reevaluate reality. We recommend you to visit it’s café on the roof of the building which is decorated only with white color and gives you one of the best perspective of the city. Plus they make the best coffee based on special recipes. If you don’t enjoy contemporary art than you definitely must visit Khanenko state art museum which consists of 2 parts – Western and Asian art. The building itself dates back to the 19th century and is looks amazing from inside. It is really worth visiting as even it’s interior is being preserved like a residential house of this family and macerates. The museum itself is already a masterpiece and you will get a wonderful chance to enjoy something spectaculous. But remember that each museum and art gallery in Kyiv has it’s specific work schedule so before going there please check their website to be sure to get there.

#5. Open your heart to which happen in Kyiv. Visit local Christmas market.

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